Instead of trying to get it to work in your PC there is another option. Double check ‘Drive Assignment’ that it shows: Yes, we know she’s hot! It is a RAID setup. Joined Jun Location catford south london Posts 8,

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Maybe I have this all wrong but isn’t sata raid setup for adding a disk to run along and mirror another disk with the same info which improves performance and you have a back up if one or the other crashes?

It did not recognize the drive. I would use performance or desktop or something along those lines, and you should be fine. Please login or register. I was hoping to get a quick small drive to use for my XP install and programs for now but later I would like to be able to attatch a larger drive for storage. Yes, we know she’s hot! You should be able to define individual arrays with only a single disk, effectively being JBOD.

Plugged it into the SER1 on my board and booted up. And what you found is the controller, which seems to work well. Thank you so much for staying with me on this.

It is a RAID setup. What I am seeing now with the fastbuild Utility in promise Technology is I think you are saying I can use this to copy the data from a bad drive to a new drive if i set it up that way and save the whole hard drive to a new hard drive. Never rely on HDD for permanent storage of important stuff.


Rob Flanery Ars Centurion Registered: Concern is the drive may be to large but I think I had larger drives on machine in the past. If not I would guess I enter the define array and set the 0 array up which does nothing but lets me add a new sata drive to the mix which is the damaged one and not copy any files from the existing hard drive running on the MSI onto it and then hopefully will be able to then read the data I want off of it.

Can’t find SATA drive on MSI K7N2 Delta

Thinking I had to install a new drive no matter what, I bought a new sata drive and went into the array delt and was able to add it as a drive and recognize it. It should work fine. I know its here somewhere I think but cannot find the exact command to activate sata. Tue Feb 24, 2: Issue there is you access ddlta in Auto set up Option 1 under the fastbuild utility Main Menu. Home Help Search Login Register.

Am I missing something here. In Windows setup you have to show Windows setup the right Promise driver on the floppy disk, you get with the board. After picking auto setup the first option is Performance but it states I can change this but will not allow me to change to the security array for copying.


Best thing after that would be de,ta burn the important files to optical disc s as soon as possible. The instructions that came with my hard drive said if I wanted to make it my boot drive to boot from the Seagate installation CD.

Thank you very much for response. Your asta wife will need another disk, so you could wait and attach the suspected drive ,7n2 to her system. I’m not familiar with that particular board from memory, but it might be there.

I just need to get it working so I can try a few programs I have to extract data off of bad hard drives. Sorry if long winded but just want to make sure.

Can MSI K7N2 Delta ILSR SATA RAID controller do JBOD?

Aug 22, Posts: Joined Jul Posts 9. Thanks again for all the help. I know that I must be missing something simple here, but darned if I know what it is. I smi a Jumper on pin 1,2 to make it a slave I did not think I had to put jumpers on for sata but tried anyway with no luck.