Users who are still using 2. While there may indeed be a newer version, this guide is based entirely and only on the version and link listed above, and only that version remember, this driver is still considered ‘experimental’ and incremental versions can have their problems and are intended for testing purposes. By now, you have your device nicely working and are enjoying some wireless freedom in Linux, congratulations. I installed both under linux with no problems: Here we see mine:

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Your kernel version numbers 2. It may take some time to download completely to your browser.

acx – Debian Wiki

Without the wire plugged in, the device can be brought “up”, but obviously, no communication will take place. Floppy drives are typically: Otherwise your device will have a hard time telling them apart.

This method also will allow you to upgrade to newer versions of the driver as improvements are made to it. Oinux you decide to upgrade to a newer version of the acx driver, after running make and make installbe sure to replace the “acx Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: For the acx they are named gplus. No doubt you’d like your device to come up automatically the next time you boot.

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To add that line you can type: Association between your wireless access point and your wireless card is very similar to having the wire plugged into a regular, wired ethernet card. Perhaps one of the most defining and differentiating characteristic of any distribution is it’s package management system.

If your card was identified as a c: The PW should be of 10 or 13 characters lenght. Everything went fine but i can’t connect to my wireless connection, so i browsed around on these forums and did iwconfig, and it said my wireless connection isn’t supported, or something like that.

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Wireless, ACX driver installation So, your interface is working! First, let’s see if a driver is already installed, so type: You may not have all of them in your Windows’ driver, just copy the ones that you do have. If you’ve verified the presence of your kernel-source and you’re using a 2.

If you’re using a USB deviceyou have a couple more edits to make, so scroll down further to where it looks like this: Out of those 9 lines listed, we’re only interested in that last one:. To help you, I need to see what happened.


Substitute your access point’s ssid name for the “name” part of that command, and be aware that it’s case-sensitiveso “Default” is not the same as “default”. You need to have a line in that file like this: Join Date Jul Beans Successful output looks like this:. Of course, you’ll be looking at the sequence of events for where in the process it breaks down and hopefully an explanation of what the problem is.

[ubuntu] Wireless, ACX driver installation

PCI card users, re-check the physical installation of the card, and try switching it to another PCI slot, if possible. The first command I have for you is to temporarily become the root user, type: As such, my instructions on how to use your distribution’s package management to install any missing ‘packages’ are intentionally quite generic.

If you’re using some kind of built-in device, then verify that it’s powered-on and if necessary, that it’s “radio” is also enabled using whatever special keys you would normally use to enable the device. If you get errors with the word “bailing” in them then see the troubleshooting section for this.