Configuration values in a reference. Setting this to true may lead to subtle and bizarre bugs. Setting this to true can resolve these issues. You may opt for one-logger-per-package by setting com. Your application should experience broken or stale Connections only very rarely, and the pool should recover from a database shutdown and restart quickly.

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Auto- loading of JDBC driver class: Statement pooling is thus turned off by default. See Appendix A for details.

See ” Configuring Connection Testing “. Yes Dieter, I jfbc3 do the same. But this is also the most costly choice from a client-performance perspective.

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Zero means idle connections never expire. Type 3 drivers basically proxy or relay the request to another network resource. Each PooledDataSource within your application may have the following attributes embedded within its Jdbbc3 This is the simplest, most reliable form of Connection-testing, but it does have a client-visible performance cost.

If that Thread came from a client that may need to be hot-undeployed, references to these objects may prevent the undeployed application, often partitioned into a ClassLoaderfrom being garbage collected. Otherwise, only one of the PooledDataSources with identical names will be accessible by JMX, and which one will be undefined.

Log messages can be directed to the to the popular slf4j with its logback backendto the venerable log4j library, to the standard logging facility introduced with jdk1. The table against which your preferredTestQuery will be run must exist in the database schema jdhc4 to your initialization of your DataSource. Since Connection acquisition is very slow, it is almost always useful to increase the number of Connections eagerly, in batches, rather than forcing each client to wait for a new Connection to provoke a single acquisition when the load is increasing.


The format of c3p0.

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This permits applications with occasional Connection leaks to survive, rather than eventually exhausting the Connection pool. By default, these stale Connections will only be detected and purged lazily, when an application attempts to use them, and sees an Exception. Defines the query that will be executed for all connection tests, if the default ConnectionTester or some other implementation of QueryConnectionTesteror better yet FullQueryConnectionTester is being used.

Most c3p0 configuration topics are discussed in detail below.

By default, c3p0 rolls back unresolved transactional work when a user calls close. Configuration values in a c3p0. Hi, I am facing a strange issue, not sure if it has something to do with Sybase or the jdbc connector.

Statement and ResultSets are carefully cleaned up when pooled Connections and Statements are checked in, to prevent resource- exhaustion when clients use the lazy but common resource-management strategy of only cleaning up their Connections. There’s no need to implement your own ConnectionCustomizer if you just want initSql. You can affect how c3p0 handles errors in acquiring Connections via the following configurable properties:.


Provides you apis to query data in DB and needs a DB connection to do that which is where driver helps. Here is the link to oracle documentation in addition to great answers for the question.

Note that if you use the unwrap methods, c3p0 can not clean up any Statement or ResultSet objects you may generate from raw Connections or Statements. Most users will probably find instantiating ComboPooledDataSource to be the most convenient approach. If maxStatements is zero but maxStatementsPerConnection is a non-zero value, statement caching will be enabled, but no global limit will be enforced, only the per-connection maximum.

A c3p0 pool typically uses just one ConnectionTester to test all of its Connections, often concurrently. The new features availble in J2SE 1.

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You may opt for one-logger-per-package by setting com. In simple terms Type1: By default, c3p0-spawned Threads helper threadsjava. Defining a preferredTestQuery that will execute quickly in your database may dramatically speed up Connection tests.