New rollback driver design for safer driver update. Now provides more accurate information about out of date drivers. How do I fix this? It looks like the voltage drop from the three opto isolator LEDs is 1. Did you install the Genius IPM utility? Program hangs when scanning Windows mobile device.

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This will also raise the op amp’s Vdd requirements by another 0. Fixed some program interface can’t be displayed completely 3.

Genius Product Support – ilook

In the end we have always said we where going to build our own, And this gives me yet another way to do it. What is your global iil300 on your products? Phil linked to this thread from the isolated RS thread. Program hangs when scanning Windows mobile device.

Added Windows 10 Build support. Can anyone point me to some links which would show the hardware required to produce a mA output. I have some LMN dual opamps purchased from Parallax.


I see in the datasheet a “Collector-Emmitter Saturation Voltage” which is listed as 0. Download the latest driver database during program installation process. Fixed the failed download mission can’t be reset. A ‘path not found’ error may appear when backing up drivers.

Fixed some driver updates can’t be hidden. Optimized drivers install process.

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The op amp’s output voltage will have to be at least three LED diode geniys above ground at max drive current. Improved driver download speed.

Hardware Info – Added new hardware devices support and improved stability. How do I fix this? For iLookI need drivers for Windows 7. I mentioned the 5V regulator aspect of the XTR in this post includes a link to datasheet.

Special Genius Webcam(IL/FC) —

Scanner, Printer drivers upgrade function is available. Optimized driver uninstaller Improved uninstall driver module. Plug the webcam into the laptop first before you install the IPM program. I think this stuff is a lot of fun and it’s thanks to this forum I know as il00 as I do. Extended driver database – support for over 16, devices.


Better support for High DPI display. This will probably mean a 5V or greater supply voltage for the op amp.

Genius Webcam(IL300/FC312)

Improvement driver scan rule for more accurate scanning. System health monitoring The High temperature will reduce the ggenius and performance of hardware devices, even damaged. Lost some cat files of drivers when backing up them. Driver Genius 15 Version: The program may crash when downloading drivers. Drivers Download Manager support retry and resume the unfinished download mission if connection is failed. Improved download server check speed.