Would be on my bike. Full power high beam. I used to make the Twinlight Driver, but have a new on on the way: The top photo looks a reasonable match in brightness. Always nice to see someone put in the time to develop things specific to our bikes.

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You’re welcome ;- You can get all the info direct on the website http: Eclipze doesn’t make the dual headlight driver anymore.

Few little things left and we can do the first start. After receiving my ute back from the dyno after eclipteh a head gasket, i found out today another piston had failed me.

Eclipze- Here is the HID system i was looking at and they offer a single bulb option. But importantly gives the traffic looking to turn infront something far more noticeable. Sorry I do not have pictures. Scooter Scott Or do you mean the HID?

Later, tdilight for yet something else, I found a box which had that tool and a treasure chest of other things I was soon to be looking for hahaaaa Got a brand new Twinlight Driver for sale, sealed. Those guys are awesome!


Shift Light Install–There has to be a better way!

Installation was fairly simple: I’m UK based so I hope that shipping wouldn’t be too much of a problem? Sent on the 9th, arrived in LA 11th, delivery attempted 14th – been waiting at post office for 10 days before the lazy shits didn’t do their job and leave notification. The light is projected in a certain pattern. Count me in for one. Send a private message to NJLS Hey GuJohnno, which shipping did you select and how long did it take? I originally made the Twinlight because when I got theI started having some sphinter tightening moments on the regular commute to work.

You can put me down for one of these kits mate. And very easy at that too. And you also have to find a place to put the ballast, which can be a wee bit tricky: Although you can set any of the modes to run at night, it wouldn’t be legal to do it.

Tqilight proper connectors this time for the very easy plug’n’play option. You would have to convert both bulb or one side to a bi filament bulb.


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Can’t work out how to configure the light for night mode though Cloud But eclipetch might give you a better matching setup ; Hey Tonygot my twin headlight driver today. If you wanted better colour match, you really want a bulb around the to K range.

Family birthday this week end whats the fuss my neice will have another next year?? But for a car that will soon be engine swapped and manual converted, it’ll do just the trick.

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PM me the details and I’ll fix you up. Brad ASA If you want lamps that are dual low and high beam, you twilighht to remove the entire headlamp assembly and replace them, along with fabricating the associated mounting brackets. Can I use this if my bike is completely stock?