Infact the MOI 5 iron and the 4 iron were identical in loft and length! This is my experience with both the i15 and g Im looking for blue in the i15 line…just a guess! The main difference of these two designs is the Tungsten inserts. There was some differences in distance, maybe a half a club. Mattyboy Tour Rookie Jun 29, But when the ping i10 stuff came along I completely switched.

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EARLY LOOK! – Ping G15 or i15?

Tried using the 5 iron of I 15, they are more difficult to get airbourne and have a higher swing weight. There was some differences in distance, maybe a half a club.

Your pros suggestion of a two-range system is probably playing to your ego slightly, I think you might find them harder to shift that a full set of one typeb. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

A big fan of the G10 I was dubious if I would feel the need to upgrade to this newer version but everything from looks to performance has convinced me that a good club has got even better.

Would definately recommend to anyone. My guess is probably not. I couldnt miss a green and then my game just imploded, I hate this game. Betwern new Ping G15 was consistently the longest for me.


With you being an 8 or 9, i think you would be diference off with more workability. Advertise with us Privacy Terms. You play with whatever suits you. From what I hear, most would put the superfast as more forgiving.

PING Rolls Out Complete New G15 and i15 Lines

How is that for forgiveness? Love them and really glad I went with them, my score was shocking but that was down to bad course management and crap chipping.

I gotta say the hybrid is the most unique piece of their new difference so far. Should I go with G15 or i I would say the irons look more like a rapture set than g series but who knows they might be womens clubs. Please log in to reply.

If you’re changing the shaft out, there’s no point in opting for the TP version. Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. Its even better to oing what you think is a good shot, only to see the telemetry telling you you can do better with, say, a change of shaft of loft.

When they arrived in about 7 days, they were shipped pkng China. I15 is excellent, and I will say now my set of I5s lasted 8 weeks before I swapped them. I am a 5 handicap and have been playing the G5 for a number of years.


Golf Talk [Episode ]. Well today you might at least be getting a sneak-peek at what the new line-up could look like when they release it in the ipng months. Obviously there was a significant distance loss on miss hits but I actually really like the feedback that the club differenxe. As long as I am swinging a club with the correct flex, My “miss” is a hard hook.

EARLY LOOK! – Ping G15 or i15

The are some difference in loft as well shorter clubs are degrees stronger. Simon Marshall 9 years ago.

Shouldn’t Obama be carrying his bags as a caddy? Sorry JB, but I own diffetence trademark “hook machine” and you are in violation of copyright laws by using said term.

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Hi, I am a 5 handicap and have been playing the G5 for a number of years.