Retaining strap Transfer unit 3 Fig. Therefore, replacement of parts or disassembly and maintenance work should only be done at an appropriate service facility by skilled service personnel acquainted with electrical safety. When reassembling the transfer unit, install the support shaft into the right hand hole first. Note that the exit roller that ejects the printed paper rotates during printing. Ozone filter Filter case Fig. Life of the starter toner cartridge supplied with the printer is half of the above figures.

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Excessive loading of media over the upper limit will result in paper feed jams or print quality problems.

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Sensor circuit for temperature signal for HON signal. Then, remove the seal from the side of the waste toner pack and fit it to cover the hole of the waste toner pack completely. Ozone fan motor 5. Top x 1 and Right hand side x 1 4 Slightly lift up the rear edge of the upper cover.


The printer will print a test page. Paper exit unit Photo sensor to detect the position of the toner cartridge. The 10 latest errors in order of the newest to the oldest. Do not attempt to circumvent these safety interlocks. Is E3 error cleared? This is the life for each of the components in images or pages. Envelopes with clasps, snaps or tie strings. Is there any paper trapped between the rollers? The generated laser light scans over the OPC belt through a polygon mirror and lens, by which method electrostatic latent brothef will be formed on the OPC belt.


Cross head tapping screw Sharp Used for plastic parts. However, fine adjustment may be required subject to the media or operational conditions.

The LCD will display as follows. Countermeasures 1 Confirm if the transfer unit is properly locked in position and that both ends of the transfer unit are held by the hooks. Replace with a new DIMM. Hook Front outer cover Fig. Fuser cleaner b o c 7: Power Save Mode The printer has a power save mode.

On the other hand, the laser printer detects the reprinted character and converts it to the bold font. Make sure prior to starting the replacement work that the fusing unit and its surrounding area are well cooled down, otherwise you may get burned.

You may get burned when touching hot areas. Data Compression Technology The printer can internally compress the received graphics and font data in its memory so that it can print larger graphics and more fonts without additional memory.


KT K toner cartridge x The engine is idling. When time is due for brtoher of the paper feeding roller and separator pad, the following message appears on the control panel. Power supply for paper discharging THV: For adjustment of left edge of the upper cassette.

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Check that the test page is printed correctly. Reconfirm the installation status of the OPC belt cartridge. Paper empty sensor 1. Above method 1 bfother not work, implement “C3 Error Clearance Procedure”. None Oil Pad Life: At this time the positive high voltage THV is fed to the transfer roller.