Aug 15, Rating Constant Disconnects by: Then why do they even purport to have coverage where I live. Jan 07, Rating Clarification by: Mar 23, Rating Virgin Mobile Broadband 2go is a horrible stay away!! PrepaidWirelessGuy There are other options available. I get ripped off for megabytes each month. It is a very simple address.

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Virgin Mobile USA partners with Walmart for Broadband2Go offer, $20 a month for 1GB

So please go ahead and use this number: I keep losing MBs. Anonymous I’ve been with Virgin Mobile for over 4 years. After 9 months of this and 10’s of hours on the phone WAITING for customer service to fail windoes I’ve finally reached the point broadbannd2go considering a lawsuit for failure to provide services upon payment.

I don’t recommend this product. The support people are almost useless. I too went through the frustration of callingwading through the robot attendant only to be told that I called the wrong number. By the way the tech support for virginmobile not limited to just their broadband really sucks. I sincerely hope it works out for you!


Hope it stays like this while I’m here! Aug 13, Rating Use only as last resort or email checker by: It worked okay for the first few days but then it would continue to boot me from the internet. I am constantly losing the internet and have to go through a complete “reconnect” process 2 or 3 times a day. I still can’t get the USB stick to work on my computer to get internet access.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Reading the customer service tragedy below it’s clear it is intentional.

I’m just giving ya’ll the heads up if you have the Franklin modem. Then I was told, that it was my box again, which by the way I have replaced a total of 5 times.

Anonymous I got my virgin broadband2go from radioshack and I was told that it was unlimited. Well, I just logged on after trying for 45 min The past weeks have been terrible. So, being under warranty, they sent me a diff one.

Windows 8 and Franklin U600 USB modem driver fail

If the Virgin Mobile My Account screen is not displayed, wait 5 minutes and complete the steps again. Feb 01, Rating Don’t bother spending your money by: My area was listed on their map as a 4G area.


I pretty much use text, pictures, low bandwidth video and have no real need for any of the fast, high bandwidth service. Aug 26, Rating Uninstalling Broadband2Go by: Aug 12, Rating Windows Compatibility by: Anonymous I had many a problem with the ability to receive text messages on 3 phones: You winodws think all the money you pay for Broadband that they would have more secure connections. While I expect they will ultimately support it, it’s unbelievable how long it’s taking!

Then the connection winxows went out. But that’s ok for Verizon and other competitors are concerned which is where we are all going. At the Change Password screen, select a new password if desired and click Next. How broadband2g I file a complaint for consumer abuse?