Thanks v much for your reply Steve. And off you go. I mention this because exactly the same chip can seem different, only works with the software supplied by the whole camera manufacturer. Will not work with Apple, hence why it was never used. How about software intended for the Ziess, Nikon and so on microscopes?

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This is not intended for toy cameras and really wants to do platform and focus control, not just an imager. Orders will be fulfilled by digtial own Incident and transmitted illumination.

Microscope video cameras, Lidl, Bresser etc. drivers, software [Archive] – Beekeeping Forum

The camera is very good and the software is excellent, allowing photos and videos to be taken of the specimen. Saves rude surprises later. The camera handling is good, not a toy. We will always help you to have Help and advice If you micrscope help or advice then please post a message here and we will help If you find a small hedgehog, or one lying out in the day.


Email if you have my address, can try and help. After download copy the innards of the ZIP archive to a new directory named eye somewhere general purpose on your hard disk.

Customers who bought this product also bought. Light from above is especially imortant to observe non transparent samples like leaves, small insects and much more. You need to know where the disk location the setup software put the drivers or you will need fiddle later searching. The optics are of good quality they seem to be an old design well executed a bit of aberration, nothing severe.

Do not leave it to see if it will go away. The Hedgehog Help and Advice Forum. Customers also viewed these items. For older operating systems, reboot the computer, although this is probably unnecessary.

Call a rescue immediately Please do not give it anything to eat until you have spoken to somebody, you can offer it a shallow bowl of water only.

Dihital promise to do everything possible to put things right for you. The installation doesn’t pick up the microscope only the inbuilt web cam.

BRESSER Biolux NV 20x-1280x Microscope with HD USB camera

For optimal illumination a variable LED for transmitted and incident microcope together with a filter wheel gives the ideal light for all samples. She’s trying telmin to start with.


Please join in and pass it on!

Guessing, one of and yes the actual manufacturers name appears KYE “C: Select OpenCSVgabber, should be immediate magic, it finds the camera. There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment.

Biology Botany Education Philately Entomology.

I’ve had so many heated discussions with vets about Panacur it’s not true. Any reply much appreciated – thanks.

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I know the software is for PC. Also shop in Also shop in. This model has two sets of illuminators for each type of microscope style, which can be operated independently or together. Net Weight total incl. The power is supplied by batteries 3x AA.