If you try to install the drivers or run the diagnostic utility , it will normally tell you if the particular model doesn’t match the driver set. Board index All times are UTC. Based on an older posts viewtopic. It has very good noise to signal ratio, but the thing I love most personally is that it emulates parallel port and acts as Disney Sound Source or Covox Speach Thing. I’ve attached the drivers for both models – either one should work. Thanks to the folks over at Vogons , it was revealed that there were many other kinds of compatible sound cards and clones that were as good, if not better, than their Creative counterparts.

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If you have a really fast machine and are experiencing some issues with stuttering audio, try grabbing one of these cards.

I believe that Rabanik is already working on a similar project for the Aztech cards. If you are looking for a Sound Blaster Pro 2 compatible card without paying a similar price, the AZT based cards aren’t a bad buy.

Aztech used to be quite a large sound card manufacturer back in the day and sold many sound cards. I have the card boxed in two different versions, one Aztech and one CPS.


There are considerations for other chipsets: How could I forget about it?

The album with 7 pictures are here: Implementation Throughout the years, Aztech developed a number of different chipsets that implement various portions of the Sound Blaster protocol. It contains a complete backup of azteh Aztech FTP. I will upload the drivers tomorrow.

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Eventually, you’ll find a driver version that can initialize your card.

VOGONS • View topic – Help to Identify Aztech ISA Sound Card

First and second generation cards those that are not AZT or AZT are said to be timing sensitiveso if you have a particularly fast machine faster than a then you might be better off getting a third generation card AZT instead. What’s interesting about cards that come from Aztech is they tend to replicate features from the Sound Blaster extremely well.

There are a few exceptions which will be detailed in the master list below. All second, third and fourth generation cards support the Sound Blaster Pro 2.

Aztech ISA Sound Cards

Here’s also a pic of the Sound Galaxy Basic 16 sound card update to my earlier post. They say it’s simply Sound Blaster 2. This version features a I would say this 8-bit OPL2 card is absolutely fantastic. It has very good noise to signal ratio, but the thing I love most personally is that it emulates parallel port and acts as Disney Sound Source or Covox Speach Thing. No wavetable board support Expcon: Some cards support wavetable cards via the Waveblaster header.


The Aztech box also includes two tiny passive stereo speakers of lousy quality but the card itself is a great card. I tried a few but it did not work. Windows 9x comes with the drivers and will auto detect the card.

Drivers | DriverZone

Thanks for the link, btw, I did not found it previously. PnP cards based on the AZT will be more difficult to configure. Triangle shaped card Wavetable key: Stereo is reversed SCSI: Board index All times are UTC. If something doesn’t work let me know.

In order to do this, you need this line in your config. What about Windows 95? The Company There isn’t a whole lot of information about this company besides what’s on their webpage. The default settings for this card are: