As mentioned before, the majority of the gains we see today are the work of low level software optimizations. Just as a point of reference AMD was able to take Trinity, tune the silicon ever so slightly, and extract a healthy gain in CPU performance from it. Intel Core i7 MQ. Benchmark performance using all cores.

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You don’t have JavaScript enabled. This isn’t anymore and Intel isn’t charging a fat premium for its low-voltage hardware.

AMD’s A10-5750M Review, Part 1: The APU and Radeon HD 8650G Performance

Please stop setting up rigged comparisons like this. Please enter a title.

I don’t care if the marketing for a given laptop says that it’s the best computer ever made for gaming–it won’t be. Integrated GPU performance for graphics.

PassMark – AMD AM APU – Price performance comparison

As consumers, we need AMD to succeed. Comments Showing a100 comments. Benchmark performance using all cores. Thanks for the reply I used the autodetect amd a1 and It say that the best driver for my setup is AMD catalyst Log in Don’t have an account? I am, however, forced to address a few elephants in the room that are getting glossed over. Richland seems to be most aggressively focused on shoring up the primary weakness of AMD’s existing architecture: In this reviewer’s opinion, 35W isn’t the target, it’s the halo.


The AMD introduced mobile eyefinity before Intel, they introduced virus save processing before intel, and several other features that intel simply has not 5750j the foresight to develop. Not sure Sorry, I think the detail masters will correct me hereAre better drivers even for the brand new Cards!

Google Intel compiler to find out how rigged these comparisons are. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign 570m to comment. But after those installations, it cant update to the last version, and also the Catalyst software disapeared.

Please try this and see if it works. The x10 Catalyst driver for your system is Thank you for condemn me to old catalyst and driver, very nice of you. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

I understand that they can stop supporting some products but they should at least add these legacy drivers to new driver releases. Now in my honest opinion I wouldn’t bother with these newer drivers anyways checking around the forums skimming mostly I am not seeing a very positive view of these new drivers on the APU’s in Laptop builds, I would even say that AmdMatt suggestion for the Beta Go to original post. Just as a point of reference Graphics performance seems to have held flat from Trinity, but an essentially free performance boost on the CPU is welcome.


Installing AMD Drivers On AM + HD M | Community

AMD claims that these new algorithms can more adequately adjust for corner cases where both units may be bottlenecked, but can correctly decipher which unit actually will show the greatest performance increase by loosening the performance bottleneck.

What is it to do with Carrizo?

This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Did u try The integrated GPU of your Ajd has reached peak optimisation and been moved to legacy status, there will not be any further driver updates for your product. Please enter a title. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. A ame tried your second solution with the