I also have 2 external drives you can have many of these with another 3 TB of space. A couple of things I think are compatible and maybe OK.. However, it is severely hampered by the cpu in this system. Ask a question and give support. Computer Abruptly Freezes and Crashes Jun 26,

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Farcry will not install!! HELP | Forums

All memory slots are full. Unless you have duo core system, these cards get bogged down. I don’t really have a reason for it, just what I hsb using: No Fixed Hole Present: You did not say if the 3 internal drives you replaced were SATA or not, at least I did not see it in your post.

I think the gives slightly better performance, as it’s newer. Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment.

Computer Freezes Reboots Crashes in 3dgame or 3dapp

Please be thoughtful, detailed and courteous, and adhere to our posting rules. After Playing a game of Max Payne. Dell Computer Corporation Dimension i Mainboard: Gammagraphx h Audio Codec: I think both my keyboard and mouse port are shot, and wouldn’t getting a new motherboard also get me new ports?


Floppy disk drive Hard Disk: Join the community here. Mainboard Error Correction Capability: Have something to contribute to this discussion?

I am also running yes, under winXP DX I was thinking upgrading the video card for sure, but if I were to get a new motherboard, would that not open my possibilities as far as graphics cards go? I’d like the option of buying piece at a time as the money comes in, and I really don’t need all the hubbub they throw into ready-made pcs I have even upgraded the power msbus, which DELL told me over and over could NOT be upgraded ever they use a proprietary bunch of crap to screw people.

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I have also installed 3 internal hard drives giving me 4. It only crashed like once though in 3dmark and it crashes like almost every single time in 3dmark Standard L2 On-board Cache: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.


You can in fact upgrade much on this system. I’m just wondering what a decent solution to that problem would be as I work for peanuts. The computer will hold 4 gigs. Memory Info Total Physical Memory 2.

No Side Band Enabled: Computer Abruptly Freezes and Crashes Jun 26, Already have an account? Gammagraphx h Serial Port s: