Overall the design is a success. Its results in our Tools HDTune test are unremarkable. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. One other unusual feature of the touchpad as indicated by the sticker next to it is that you can scroll and zoom using multi-touch , in a similar way to the iPhone. This weight is typical for big tablets, small subnotebooks, ultrabooks and convertibles with a inch display-diagonal.

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Review Acer Aspire Timeline 1810TZ Subnotebook

For anyone who wants to use the TZ as more than a dimly lit e-book reader, our WLAN test gives a much more realistic assessment ; the screen brightness is left at moderate energy-saver mode and the internet is used over WLAN until the battery runs dry. A second memory module sspire be fitted via the access panel acet the underside of the laptop. Neither the top nor the bottom of the laptop gets unusually warm — we measured a maximum of Overall there are no major weaknesses and Acer is to be congratulated on its choice of screen.

This is one of the highest scores we have seen in a standard six-cell battery laptop. Long life Timwline has had great success with the slim, light notebooks in its Aspire Timeline series. There are a few small slip upslike the long battery charging time or the tendency to overheat under a full processing loador the annoying sound of the fan that also materializes then.

Laptop Mag The TZ is a very capable ultraportable at an affordable price. High latencies can lead to problems with connected devices such as external soundcards. The quality is still good, but it is just not quite as classy as a metal case.


Up to 4GB is supported, as there is a free slot on the motherboard where a second module can be added. Unfortunately the TZ’s glossy display produces reflections.

Review Acer Aspire Timeline TZ Subnotebook – Reviews

However, in comparison to qcer older Therefore the speakers will not really do the job for film and music fans, even if Acer did include Dolby Sound Room technologywhich tries to simulate the effect of Surround Sound using only two speakers. The colours tijeline the glossy display look sharp, the black value is good at 1. If you remove the battery, you’ll have to put up with the gap above the keyboard.

It weighs just 1. You very quickly get used to the multi-touch gestures, and they are consistently recognisedso that they do start to make your life easier.

With a six-cell 56Wh battery it manages a superb 12 hours 31 minutesas shown in our Readers Test with the Battery Eater Tool. But this situation arises only very seldom during everyday usage.

The keyboard layout does not throw up any surprises, with everything where you would expect to be. If you subject the TZ to a very large tiemline loadthe fan does keep roaring briefly into life and can reach The Aspire TZ mini notebook delivers Atom-smashing performance in a package that’s no less portable than a typical 10in netbook. The touchpad blends almost seamlessly into the palm rest area.

Four status indicators showing power, battery, WLAN and Bluetooth activity are positioned along the front edge. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. If you’re after laptop level performance sspire netbook levels of battery life, look no further than the TZ. At no point was the image jerky or the sound interrupted.


We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. This is not really enough to cope with the most up-to-date computer games, despite having Direct X 10 supportbut if you want to run the odd gaming classic or two that should be fine. With a aslire of around Euros the Timeline TZ is a strong competitor to all netbooks and many of the ultra-slim notebooks, not just because aspite performance but also in terms of portability and design.

This means you can quite happily work with the notebook on your lap without it overheating. Acer has also done a good job with the temperature of the machine ; the Timeline Accer remains pleasantly cool during normal office usage. When the notebook is placed on a soft surface or on your lap, the already weak sound is further muffled by this poor positioning of the speakers. Left-handed people will have to xcer up with the air coming out from the ventbut this is barely noticeable during normal office use.